Canabalt Portable 1.0

The internet viral hit comes to your USB stick!


  • Easy to play
  • Excellent design and sound


  • Sometimes luck plays a part

Very good

Canabalt has been this years viral online game for those in the know. Now Portable Apps have made it available for your USB stick, so you can play offline too!

What makes Canabalt so special is that it shouldn't work. It has monochrome 8-bit style graphics, and the controls stretch to one button, used to jump. In today's world of joypads and realistic first person shooters, what could this possibly offer.

You control an unnamed character who is running, ever faster, away from... something. When you start, you are told to make your escape, and from the moment the runner flies through the first window and hits the ground running, you'll be hooked. Hitting X or C to jump, and holding to control length you have to go from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding objects that slow you down, and occasional falling debris.

Your score is simply how many meters you manage before dying somehow. It's free and it's tiny, so there's really no excuse for not seeing what the fuss is about!

Canabalt Portable is just link the browser version, an addictive, enjoyable yet enigmatic game that will keep you coming back for more.



Canabalt Portable 1.0

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